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Walking Blind chords - Lost Trailers

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Lost Trailers Sheet music
                Walking Blind - The Lost Trailers

G          Bm        Em              C
Tide keeps creeping, squeezing me to row
G      Bm            Em               C
Sad surrender of the summertime of my soul
G              Bm      Em        C
Water will you wash me down and away
G        Bm          Em                    C
Carry me home to the place where I need to lay
G         Bm        Em            C
Carry you there and halfway here again
G         Bm                     Em                   C
Trying to freeze-frame, when the second hand seems to spin
G                Bm      Em   C
I wonder can you tell me how 
G          Bm     Em            C
To keep on flowing to then from now

          G           Bm             Em            C
There's a quiet and a rest, it ain't that bad, but far from the best
       G                   Bm               C
And my dream keeps getting pulled away from me
        G                      Bm                   Em                      C
And the time I wait will be my time to tell, if I'm walking blind or if I'm running well
       G                   Bm               C
And my dream keeps getting pulled away from me

Rain crash harder, leave a ripple on my front page
Flood rise higher to drown out my age
Wave break down over me
Send me walking to where I need to be


Solo (Acoustic)


Solo Outro

Lost Trailers ChordsLost Trailers Lyrics

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