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Charlie's Last Song chords - Loudon Wainwright III

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                Charlie's Last Song
Wainwright III/Cornette
NOTE: All verses/choruses are played with the same chord progression.


INTRO: D  G  A7  D  D7  G  D  A7  D  D7

    G                       D
Oh, Charlie could drink you under the table
    A7                           D     D7
Oh, Charlie could sing all night long
    G                        D
Oh, Charlie had fun, but his ramblin' is done
    A7                         D      D7
And this is ol' Charlie's last song

Oh, Charlie would fight once he hit a policeman
They throwed him in jail 'cause that's wrong
When he broke out, the cops took him on home
And ol' Charlie, he played them a song


Oh, Charlie made moonshine for the local bootleggers
Charlie, he had him a still
And the money he made paid for a good banjo
Can't make that wage down at the mill



Oh, Charlie could never hold onto a dollar
He got famous but he never got rich
And he never amounted to much of a husband
That banjo playin' son of a b***h


Oh, Charlie once said that he had a black heart
All except a small spot that was red
If he drinks anymore, that red spot will turn black
And old Charlie at last will be dead


INTRO out 

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