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You To Miss chords - Love and Theft

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                Intro:  C  Em  Am  G

      C 	  	  	  	       Em
Some people try to hide they try to move on
 	  	  	 Am 	  	  	     G
cant stand the pain of you gone but baby thats not me
      C 	  	  	  	        Em
i'd never try to ease the ache that i feel 
 	  	     Am 	  	  	            G
the pain reminds me how real this love has come to be  	     

         Em            Am
And im not running scared
 	 Em           Am
i will stay right where
i gave you my word
that i would be

 	  	    Dm 	  	  	  	 G
And i dont want to hurt, but i know i have to feel
 	        Em 	  	  	      Am
i do it to be close to you, just to keep you real
 	  	     Dm 	  	  	  	 G
and i dont want to cry, but tears are part of life 
 	  	     Em 	  	  	  	 Am
they conquer the impossible, and make you feel alive
 	    F 	  	  	           G
and im so glad my love that i have you to miss

C  Em  Am  G

some people try to fake but they dont feel this
cant stand to face the realness so they just run away 
oh, but i want nothing more than you to hold me
so intimately know me so ill hurt along the way

and im not running scared i will stay right where
i gave you my word
that i would be

(repeat chorus)
 	           C         Em 	  	  	        Am        G
And it could never hurt so bad that i would trade the love we have
 	  	   C        Em 	  	          Am         G    
and it could never cut so deep that i would ever want to leave

(repeat chorus)
       F 	  	  	           G
Im so glad, my love that i have you to miss 
       F 	  	  	  	  G
Im so glad my love that i have you to miss

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Love and Theft
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