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One Last F.U. chords by Lucero

Lucero Chords

D Bb C
F               E
Ain't no use in staying
     D                       C
Even though the band's still playing
Bb                  A               G
For a graceful exit ain't no better song
F                 E
I don't think you get it mister
D                  C
Crossing wires and blown transistors
Bb                A             G
You don't seem to understand at all
Bb            C            F
I ain't gonna be here very long
Bb                 C                 F
One last fuck you, that's it and I'm gone
F                E
It wasn't like I came here thinking
D                C
Man, this bar is great to drink in.
Bb               A                   G
Was only helping out a friend that's all
F                 E
Now it seems this bourbon
D                 C
Well I'm not sure if it's working
Bb              A                G
Either way it's time that I move on
Bb            C            F
I ain’t gonna be here very long
Bb                 C                 F
One last fuck you, that’s it and I’m gone
D                    F
Don't ask me twice - I am being nice
D                       Bb   F      Bb  F
I think I made it clear all along - all along
Bb                C                 F
One last fuck you that's it and I'm gone
D F D Bb F Bb F Bb C F
F                E
Yes I've got the time to spend
D                    C
But  I don't want to spend it here
Bb           A              G
I always did enjoy drinking alone
F         E
So let me finish this drink
D               C
Without telling me what you think
Bb        A                      G
We go our separate ways I say so long
Bb            C            F
I ain’t gonna be here very long
Bb                 C                   F
One last fuck you that’s  it’s and I’m gone X4            

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