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Red, White, And Blue chords - Rockie Lynne

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                Red, White, and Blue
written by Rockie Lynne


INTRO: D  F#m  G  D  F#m  G

     D               F#m           G
They come from every corner of our country
    D           F#m               G
The cities, the moutains, and the farms
D                 F#m                     G
Modern day minute men and women, like our heroes from the past
Em          D/F#             G             A
Whenever we need them all we have to do is ask
        Em                 G                   A
They're Christian, they're Muslim, and they're Jew
        G    A          D
They're red, white, and blue


D                 F#m              G
Sacrificin' their family and their friends
        D               F#m   G
For our country and the freedom they defend
D             F#m                        G
Givin' everything they've got, some have had to give it all
    Em             D/F#               G      A
The black man, the white man, and the Sioux
    Em                G              A
The middle-class, the poor, and the well-to-do
        G    A          D
They're red, white, and blue

    A                             G               D
And when their duty calls them to stand guard and patrol
     A                        G           A
They represent with honor the values we uphold
     Bm            A          G                 A
They are the proud Americans, tested, tried and true
        G    A          D
They're red, white, and blue

BREAK: Bm  A  Bm  A  G  D  A

     Bm             A         G                  A
They are the proud Americans, tested, tried, and true
        G    A          Bm    A7
They're red, white, and blue
        G    A          D     F#m  G
They're red, white, and blue
            D    F#m  G
Like me and you


CHORDS without capo:

D    = F#
D/F# = F#/A#
F#m  = A#m
G    = B
Em   = G#m
A    = C#
A7   = C#7
Bm   = D#m 

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Lynne Rockie
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