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3 A.m. chords - Macon Greyson

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                3 a.m.
“Miles From Here”

Intro D


Can you see the signs can you (A) read my mind
I've been (G) goin all to pieces for some (D)time
The wheels are rollin past I haven’t (A) seen my last
The (G) streetlights keep on blinkin as I’m (Bm) slippin through the (A)cracks


Well you (G) find yourself (D) another road to (A) nowhere
(G) No depressions (D)harder than your (A)own
Well you (D)find some piece of (G)mind
In (Bm) cigarettes and third rate (G)wine (G/F#)(Em)
Livin with regrets is all you (G)know
Its almost 3 (A) a.m. its time to (D)go


Holdin steady ground tryin not to drown
Tomorrow is forgotten in one more round
On a lonely drive listen to the night
The music keeps it goin on the midnight shift till 5


Bridge(needs work maybe)

The (Bm) wind is comin up so fast its (D) blindin that horizon
(G)Whistlin through a window cracked (D)enough to see the (A)light
The (G)clouds are hangin low across this (A)place that you call (D)home
(G)There ain’t no sense in fightin now the (A)storm keeps rollin (Bm)on


The shadows fade and fall pictures on the wall
I guess you’ve got to walk before you crawl
No apologies for a memory
Of things that cannot be I won’t try it’s just not me


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Macon Greyson
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