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One Too Many Roads chords - Mark David Manders

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One Too Many Roads
by Mark David Manders and Neuvo Tejas
from the album "Tales from the Couch Circuit"
Transcribed by Thomas Faulkenberry

Note:  This song is recorded in Eb.  The chords I have presented are 
relative to a capo on the first fret.

D                                       F#m
Stumblin' my way through life on those back roads of Texas
G                                  A
Lord I guess I've seen a thing or two
           D                             F#m
There's a song in every smile, and not knowin' where the next is
          G                                 A
Keeps my baggage packed and my mind on the move
      Bm                         A
I've shared a lady's company in more than just one town
      G                             A
When daylight comes a callin', I'm nowhere to be found
     D                                   F#m       G
So I find myself searching, but there's nowhere to go
                      A              D
'Cause I've been down one too many roads

G              A              D
I've been down one too many roads
Bm                                    G           A
I've found out the hard way ain't the only way to go
         G              A               D              Bm
And the miles I've put behind me have left me a little slow
        G             A             D
'Cause I've been down one too many roads

Spent many a night alone, my coat draped across my shoulder
Chasin' headlights with my thumb in the air
And each truck that passes by makes me feel a little older
Makes me wonder, what the hell am I doing here
When I see those brake lights shining, I get that feeling down inside
When I crawl up in the cab, I know it's just another ride
I try hard to hide it, but I know it must show
That I've been down one too many roads

(repeat chorus)

When I was just 16, I fell in love with music
And taught myself to play this old guitar
I'd write all about my life, but they said they couldn't use it
Now I know why Nashville seems so far
Now I'm playing where I can for the money and the beer
Thank God for Texas, thank God I'm here
And if they wanted me in Nashville, I don't think I'd go
'Cause I've been down one too many roads

(repeat chorus)

'Cause I've been down one too many roads

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