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Sentimental Guy chords - Mark Jungers

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                Sentimental Guy
By Mark Jungers

Harmonica Intro

Intro Chords:
Am  C  G  F - 4 times

Am                          C
Used to see him here on the weekends
G                       F
Canadian Windsor in his hand
Am                              C   
We’d sit and drink and talk for hours
G                                          F
One night he bought the whole damn place a round
Am                  C
3rd generation dirt farmer
G                                  F
Gamblin’ was the word that came to mind
Am                                     C
You knew another year of drought would kill him
      G                                          F       Am
Buddy I always thought everything would work out fine

F                        G
He never let her see him lonely
          Am                               F
She never saw the banker’s letter make him cry
F                           G
It’s got all the makin’s for 
G                   C     C/B   Am
Another sentimental guy

Repeat Intro Chords over Harmonica

Sometimes he’d say he found the answers
And he’d get real quiet and whisper in my ear
Said he’d usually come up emptyhanded
But that’s just the way the answers work 'round here


Mandolin/Acoustic guitar solo

I used to see him here on the weekends
Canadian Windsor in his hand
We’d sit and drink and talk for hours
One night he burned this whole place to the ground



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