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When My Angel Gets The Blues chords - Matt Andersen

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                Capo 1

G			  C 
I called my friend this morning
G		    C
She was feeling down
She said shes had enough of love
Shes tired of this town

   G			    C
I asked her what she wanted
 G			   C
What could make you smile
She cried I wish I could live another life
If only for a while

C			G
You know it hurts so bad
D		    G
Every time she cries
C		  G
Wishin I was there
To wipe the tears from her eyes

C			G
But I stay so far away
D			  Cadd9
I don’t know what to do
	   G    D
When my angel gets the blues

I always see you standin
So strong and so tall
You never let the world
Get you back against the wall

But I know how much he hurt you
All he left you was the pain
You don’t need to go on crying
You’ll fall into love again

You know its just so hard
As I lie in bed at night
Thinkin’ what could I do
To make it turn out right

I just don’t know what to say
I wish to god I knew
When my angel gets the blues

Bm			C		G
Little girl, I’ll follow you down
D				G
I don’t care how far we go
Bm				    C			   G
I need to see you get your feet back on the ground
You don’t need to tell me, cause I don’t need to know

You know it hurts so bad
Every time she cries
Wishin I was there
To wipe the tears from her eyes

But I stay so far away
I don’t know what to do
When my angel gets the blues

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