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I'm America chords - Cody McCarver

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                I'm America
Recorded by Cody McCarver

(Capo on 3)

Intro.:   | (G) / (Am) (G/B) | (Em) / / / | x 2

(Verse 1) 
I'm (G)ploughin' a field in Illinois (G/B)
(Em)Raisin' a crop to feed my wife and boys, I'm A-(G)merica (G/B) (Em)

I'm a (G)single mom, and that's hard to (G/B)be
(Em)Work three jobs eight days a week, I'm A-(G)merica (Am) (G/B) (Em)

I'm a (G)guitar picker singin' protest (G/B)songs
Bob (Em)Dylan was right, Vietnam was wrong, I'm A-(G)merica (Am) (G/B) (Em)

I (G)lost my legs fightin' in a war (G/B)
(Em)If I could, I'd go back for more, I'm A-(G)merica (Am) (G/B) (Em)

I'm (C)left and right, black and white, and (D)everything in be-(G)tween
I'm (C)North and South, faith and doubt, I'm (D)all I can (G)be
(Em) Look around at (D)all I am and all (C)I'm made of
I'm A-(G)merica, (C) I'm A-(G)merica (C)

(Verse 2)
This (G)mornin' I pulled out of Roanoke (G/B)
(Em)Drivin' a big rig to the coast, I'm A-(G)merica (Am) (G/B) (Em)

I (G)teach third grade in (Am)Tennessee (G/B)
I could (Em)use a raise, but I'd do it for free, I'm A-(G)merica (Am) (G/B) (Em)

(G)Detroit City is my (Am)home (G/B)town
Might've (Em)built the car you're drivin' around, I'm A-(G)merica (Am) (G/B) (Em)

I'm a (G)volunteer with (Am)Project (G/B)Hope
Went (Em)down to New Orleans when the levy broke, I'm A-(G)merica (Am) (G/B) (Em)

Repeat Chorus

A-(C)merica's more than a piece of land
It's (D)blood and bones, it's woman and man
It (C)lives, it breathes, it hopes, it dreams
(D) It looks a lot like you and me

(Ending Chorus)
Cause we're (C)left and right, black and white, we're (D)everything in be-(G)tween
We're (C)North and South, faith and doubt, we're (D)all we can (G)be

(Em) Look around at (D)all we are and all (C)we're made of
We're A-(G)merica, (D) (C) we're A-(G)merica (D) (C)
Yeah, we're A-(G)merica, (D) (C) we're A-(G)merica (D) (C)
(G) I'm proud to be just a (D)little (C)partner, A-(G)merica

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