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You Were Never Mine chords - Delbert Mcclinton

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                Capo 1

F                         C
I saw someone again today who remembered me and you
Bb                                     F          C
They asked all the same old questions, I gave the same excuse
F                              C
They said what a shame, what a shame to lose a love so fine
Gm          Dm        Gm      Dm        Gm      Dm       Bb        F
But I never lost you, I never lost you, I never lost you, you were never mine

I kept on believing what I wanted to believe
The unspoken promises that you could never keep
But it's a sin, oh it's a sin to tell yourself a lie
I never lost you, I never lost you, I never lost you, you were never mine

C               F             Bb  A   C
Did you give me all you gave me
C                         F  Bb   A  G
Just because I needed you
But when I needed all your love completely
Bb                         C
Was it more than you could do

Sometimes deep in the night when I hold you in my dreams
I get lost in your loving touch, baby, I can't believe how real it seems
And I know, yes I know I'll have you 'till the end of time
'Cause I never lost you, I never lost you, I never lost you 'cause you were never mine

I never lost you, I never really lost you
How could I lose you, you were never mine

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