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We Were Something chords - Jeremy Mccomb

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Jeremy Mccomb Sheet music
                Jeremy McComb - We Were Something
capo 2

INTRO - x2
       G                           C

Verse 1
G                             D            G                       C
In my only defense, I never meant for it to get as serious as quick as it did
             G                D                 G                             C
If I could rewind I'd go back and I'd hold the hands of time with a white knuckle grip
G                     D              C
Before we were asking too much of love
G                     D               C
Before we were prisoners of us it was just

G                 D                             G                   C
Wild flowers hanging dry that were growing on the other side of that
G                         D                          G                            C
barbed wire fence I tried to climb got 5 stiches and that first kiss goodnight
              G            C                         G               C
We were something,  when we were still nothing

Verse 2
               G                        D               G                       C
Before the complications and the blame gaming and the words that never came that never got in the way with
      G                      D                  G                                      C
We were at war with silent swords, silence wasnt silence anymore
       G               D                         G      C   G       D               C
Yea we so cheap, the love that we onced owned,  left standing with my innocense stripped to the bone

Where'd we go

              G             D                G                        C
We were sad old monsters of the 13th row of that b minus movie where I almost chocked
    G                                    D               G                          C  
to death on some pop corn but you shed your coke that was the first night u didnt go home
             G            C                            G                             C
we were somethin,  when we were still nothing but notes on a window 
      G                                       C                  G                     C
and laughin at jokes that werent funny  on the phone going on about nothing

till 3 in the morning
              G           C                G           C
We were something,   we were something,   we were still 

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