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Lie Baby Lie chords - Sean McConnell

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                Drop D tuning sounds like it will be the best sound

Capo 1

It's three in the morning
I haven't slept all night
    G                                 Cadd9
I'm looking like a crazy fool sitting by this TV light
You lied to me baby
You lied to me good
    G                               Cadd9           D 
The truth is I still love you but I don't know if I should
And now each and every day
I'm trying to get away from the pain

         D   Cadd9  G            D   Cadd9 G     
And I go drivin     90 down that old back  road
          D      Cadd9  G
Screaming curses at you woman
            Cadd9         G 
For all the lies that you told
           D        Cadd9        G
And then I take one hand off the wheel
      D        Cadd9  G 
And I shake it at the sky
           Cadd9    G     
And then I slam the dashboard screaming
Cadd9    D
Lie baby lie

I passed the wreckage of a broken home
I just hung my head and laughed
I'd rather have brick and stone
In pieces on the ground than pieces of my heart
This house is just as broken
You made it fall apart


This house is lonely
This bed is cold
My hearts been busted
This is getting so old
It's easy to tell you when you're asleep
That it's hard to heal when it runs so deep


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