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Guardian Angel chords - Jason Mccoy

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Cadd9 - X32013

She does her best to keep me on a straight and narrow path
But there's little she can do standing in the aftermath
         Cadd9                                                 G
She just says a little prayer and slowly wipes a tear from her eye
      F                        Cadd9              G
I've always run faster than my guardian angel can fly

I've been blinded by wanderlust when it was all in vain
Drove 90 miles an hour straight down lover's lane
And those tiny wings couldn't have slowed me down no matter how hard they try
I've always run faster then my guardian angel can fly

Am                          C
Where angels fear to tread, only fools rush in
And there's very little mercy at the mercy of wind
         Am                              B7
When the rain starts to fall and there's no place to hide 
      C?          F
I can hear softly cryin'

Got this tattoo on my memory, a broken hearted glass
Permanent reminders of loving way to fast
And there's something deep inside of me that i still can't satisfy
I've always run faster then my guardian angel can fly



Well maybe there's a shadow that I’m tryin' to leave behind
Maybe's there some rainbow pot of gold I’m tryin to find
But I always learn the hard way, it's never greener on the other side
I've always run faster then my guardian angel can fly

I've always run faster then my guardian angel can fly
I've always run faster then my guardian angel can fly yeah

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