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Anger And Tears chords - Mel Mcdaniel

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Anger and Tears
By: Mel McDaniel

Key of F

Intro  F
F			 Bb
I left home this morning didn't say a word
    F					     C
The sound of your crying is the only thing I heard
     F			Bb
What I had to say you wouldn't wanna hear
     F				C	F
So I left you alone with your anger and tears

F		 Bb
Anger and tears, anger and tears
   F						  C
Is that all that's left us after loving all these years
    F			    Bb
As slowly as love grows how soon it disappears
     F			  	C	     F
In a house full of anger and a heart full of tears

F			Bb
A face like an angel, a voice like a dove
  F					    C
I knew you were sent her from somewhere up above
F			Bb
Am I to blame for your changing through the years
     F				  C	    F
Have I been the cause of all your anger and tears


F#			 B
I know that sometimes my temper ain't so good
	F#						C#
Cause things haven't worked out the way we thought they would
     F#				B
But let's don't give in to our doubts and our fears
      F#			C#	 F#
Let's try to put an end to our anger and tears
Chorus-for the rest of the song key is in F#  (F#, B, C#)
C# I play as a bar chord:  x4666x
					Jason A. Wendtland

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