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Ffa chords - Jason Meadows

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                Jason Meadows - FFA

C - B7 - F - C   F - C - D7 - G - C

I was raised on biscuits and gravy 
F                    C
Milk straight from a cow 
By the time that I was 8 years old 
      D7               G
I was learnin how to plow 

       C           C7
Well I got my education
 F             D7
On my daddy's farm 
            F                  C
I've been a future farmer of America 
     D7            G       C
Ever since the day I was born 

                       C   B7
Ya I'm a member of the F-F-A
             F                      C 
I sold some sausage and my dues are paid 
         C                            G  D7  G
It's a family tradition I'm proud to say 
        C                 B7           F                 D7
Ya and when I'm grey and old well I'll still be blue and gold 
     F                       C            D7          G    C
I'll tell them at the pearly gates I'm a member of the F-F-A 

F - C - D7 - G - C

Were proud to serve all nations 
I've almost saved itself 
I got nothing against the city 
Cuz we put food on their shelves 

It ain't all about farming 
It's a whole lot about life 
Ya but you don't no good living 
Till you've been countrified 

Chorus (2x)

F - C - D7 - G - C 

Jason Meadows ChordsJason Meadows Lyrics

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Meadows Jason
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