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You Wont See Me chords - Garrett Mehok

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Date: 1/18/01  5:48 pm
From: Pat Wood  
Subject: You Won't See Me

You Won't See Me
Garrett Mehok
CD: 1000 Sunsets
Writer: Garrett Mehok

Verse 1:        (Capo 2)

G         D         Em             C
You Won't See Me ...Even though I need to
         G              Em                Am    D
Need to talk to you and hold you one more time
G               D            Em                   C
I realize it's over...But my heart, well it needs closure
          G              Em                    Am     D
Cause it just will not accept that you're not mine
F              C
Just one more afternoon, 
     Am                             F    D
Then I'll be gone from your life completely
     Am               D     Dsus    D  (pause)
I'll vanish down the road
And you won't see me

Verse 2:
G               D            Em               C
You won't even see me...Although you used to need me
         G               Em                 Am  D
Used to plead with me to spend more time together
    G              D
And if I could go back in time
Em                 C
I would hold your heart to mine
      G              Em          Am   D
Every hour, and keep holdin' on forever
    F                                C
But now I just need one more golden moment
      Am                             F    D
Just one more time to whisper to you sweetly
           Am                D     Dsus  D (pause)
Then I'll stay so far from sight
That you won't see me

You deprived me of "goodbye"
It was the one word I couldn't stand to say
     Am           C  G A               Am                D
But now I'd trade 1000 sunsets just to hear it from your lips
   C                               D
If I'd have only known , that our last night together
             C     G      A
Would be our last night forever
I would have clung to you so tightly
                C        G         A
That I would've tried to stop the dawn
Am                        Dsus   D
And let the moment linger on
    C                           D                      B7
As long as I could hold it, as long as I could hold

(solo)   C  D   G   Em  C  D

Tag: (slower)
Just one more kiss
          C             D
Then I'll vanish like Houdini
Am D                 G
   ...And you won't see me

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