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Teardrops Will Fall chords - John Mellencamp

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John Mellencamp Sheet music
      Intro: 	G   Em  G     C D G

G				Em
I read your letter darling, tears filled my eyes
G					Am	             D
All of the promises you made, were nothing but lies,
G					    C            G
So I turned your photograph over, face to the wall
C	G		C	G
And when I dim the lights in my room tonight, 
Em	D	    G
teardrops will fall

C	G	C	G	C	    G
Teardrops will fall tonight, tears I can’t hide,
C		    G	     Am	     D				
Tears that I’d rather keep, deep down inside,
C	G	C	G	   C	       G
Tears from a love that’s gone, beyond  these walls,
C	   G	          C	     G
And when I dim the lights in my room tonight,
Em	D	 G
Teardrops will fall

Solo:		G   Em  G    C D G
	G		     Em
I’m gonna pray tonight baby, hoping you will hear,
G					    Am	       D
And maybe you’ll right all those wrongs, and dry each tear,
G		     C		G
I sit alone tonight, hoping you will call,
C	   G		   C	    G
And when I dim the lights in my room tonight,
Em	D	    G	
Teardrops will fall


Solo:   D C G  D C D  Em C G  C G C G Em D G


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