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Fall Like Rain chords - Michael Bryers

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         G                D                  C         D
Well the moonlight shines in through the old venetians
G                     D         C           D
doesn't matter cause, I am not, sleeping anyway
            G          D                    C     D
I've read a half dozen pages from the K J's Bible
    Am                C          D
but nothing seems to  make sense today.

    G                D           C      D
The television plays away in the corner
  G              D                      C     D
A cowboy tale, I think it might be John Wayne
              G                     D                 C    D
Where all the bad guys die, and the good guy gets the lady
       Am               C           D
It's a shame life never ever is the same

       G             D
When I laugh I Laugh loud
       C               D
When I love I'm in the clouds 
       G            D                  C     D
when I cry, well it leaves a tear drop stain
       G             D
when I come crashing down,
            C                D            Am
I can't get up, just turn around and walk away
             C       D          G     D     C
cause when I fall, I fall like  rain 

There's the street lights flickering on and off like a side show
The ceiling fan could drive a man insane
I swear theres twenty five dancing girls on the tin roof
Oh jumping up and down to sound of the pouring rain

           G    D    C   G   D   C
CHORUS  -  Rain

Take the please do not disturb sign from the handle
Just like the duke I'll turn and ride away
I can turn out the light, but I'll never blow out the candle
Saving it up, for that rainy day
         G   D    C - D             G - D  C
CHORUS   Rain     yeah, I fall like rain,  yeah. 

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  1. Michael Bryers - Fall Like Rain Chords

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