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Ordinary Love chords - Shane Minor

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Ordinary Love


Intro: A  A/G#  F#m  A  D  A  D
       G  C  D   G  C  D

G              C                D
Well it's the simple things, a look, a laugh, a clover ring
     G                       C               D
And all those little scenes that dreams are made of
G         C        D
And it's evident where my hopes and prayers are spent
       G                  C           Bm A D E
Well there she came and there I went

A            C#7
So amazing, mystifying
F#m               A     D
Baby there's just no denying
A             B7   E
Everytime we touch
A             C#7
Heavenly it's so divine
    F#m                 A           D
But you know what just blows my mind
        E         F#m          A        D
Is the miracle of us, just an ordinary love
         E        A     A  A/G#  F#m  A  D  A  D
Just an ordinary love

Just another day, a kiss goodbye and I'm on my way
Rushing through the maze right back to your arms
And it's typical just a boy and just a girl
Down our street and around the world

CHORUS (last line leads into instrumental...)
         E        A     A  A/G#  F#m  A
Just an ordinary love

Instrumental: G  C  D   G  C  D   G  C  Bm A D E

CHORUS (last part changes to...)
E                 F#m    A
Is the miracle of us
D         E       F#m    A
Just an ordinary love
D         E            A  A/G#  F#m  A  D  A  D    A
Just an ordinary.... love

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