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Rock N Roll Band chords - Logan Mize

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                (Capo on 2)

Intro.:  |(D)(G)|(D)(A)| x 4

Well (D)I Grew (G)up a (D)small town (A)kid
Woulda (D)been just (G)fine doin' what my (D) daddy (A)did
Till he (G)broke down one (D/F#)day and (A)brought home this (Bm)guitar
Well I (G)boarded that (D)rocket ship and headed (A)straight for the (D)stars

Solo:  |(D)(G)|(D)(A)|

Well I've (D)been six-(G)teen now, for (D)most of my (A)life
I got a (D)beat up (G)heart, same (D)sparkle in (A) my eye
Didn't (G)know any (D/F#)better on the (A)day that I (Bm)left
Now I got (G)too many (D)songs to get (A)off of my (D)chest

Don't you (G)know it ain't easy for a (A)guitar (D)man
I'm just (G)livin' on dreams, doin' (A)all that I (D)can
To (G)shake off (D/F#)theses demons and (A)make my (Bm)stand
I left my (G)life out in the (D) country for a (A)rock and roll (D)band

Solo:  |(D)(G)|(D)(A)| x 2

I can (D)still feel the (G)wind, I can (D)still see the (A)wheat
That (D)red dress (G)summer romance and all the (D)John Derre (A)green
I talked to (G)mama on the (D/F#)phone while I (A)changed my (Bm)strings
She knows the (G)words to all my (D)songs, but I pray she (A)don't know what they (D)mean

Don't you (G)know it ain't easy for a (A)guitar (D)man
You might (G)meet a nice girl you'll never (A)see her a-(D)gain
Each (G)night at a new (D/F#) city, I (A)make my (Bm)stand
I left my (G)life out in the (D)country for a (A)rock and roll (D)band

Solo:  |(G)(D/F#)|(A) |(G)(D/F#)|(A) |

There's (D)days that I (G)wish that I was (D)singin' in the (A)choir
I'd have saved (D)money on (G)beer, saved (D)money on (A)tires
I coulda (G)left my (D/F#)roots (A)right there in the (Bm)dirt
A little (G)grease on my (D)hands and my (A)name on my (D)shirt

Don't you (G)know it ain't easy for a (A)guitar (D)man
Yeah, there's (G)only one cure for the (A)shape that I'm (D)in
So I am (G) tunin' (D/F#)six strin' up and (A)sing 'em all a-(Bm)gain
I left my (G)life out in the (D)country for a (A)rock and roll (D)band

No, (G)I can't help it, it's (A)just who I (Bm)am ---
Left my (G)life out in the (D)country for a (A)rock and roll (D)band ---

Outro.:  |(D)(G)|(D)(A)|(D)(G)|(D)(A)|(D)(G)|(D)(A)|(D)(G)|(A)(D) ----

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