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Is Heaven Good Enough For You chords - Allison Moorer

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Allison Moorer Sheet music
Intro - D

(verse 1)
G              D             G     
Heard the preacher at the service,  
          G    D              G 
Declare you'd gone home that day,
            Cadd9             G     
To meet the maker and his servants,  
            A                D
And take a rest amidst his grace,

(verse 2)
         G    D              G    
He said now that you're in heaven, 
        G   D               G 
your trials on earth are through,
      Cadd9              G      
But I didn't hear him mention, 
             D              G
If heaven's good enough for you,

(verse 3)
            G    D             G
He claimed you feel no more sorrow, 
G                 D                   G
Since you're free   from all life's fears,
            Cadd9                G     
But can the blessed on God's mountain, 
           A                D
Love you more than I down here,

(verse 4)
         G    D       G      
I was raised not to question 
     G    D         G
promises the Bible makes,
   Cadd9              G     
But how could the Almighty, 
              D        G 
Make such a terrible mistake,
        Cadd9         G      
Did the Lord's illumination, 
      Cadd9               D
Shine upon you from his throne,
          Cadd9             G           A                 D     
When he witnessed my sweet angel suffer on the long road home,

(lead chords -  C - G - C - D - C - G - D - G)

(ending verse)
             G     D          G     
If there's really no more teardrops, 
           D                    G
And the streets are paved with gold,
        Cadd9            G    
Send me down some reassurance 
           A                    D
I don't believe what I've been told
              G    D      G               D               G  
If there's really is a Kingdom where you start your life anew
          Cadd9             G         
Won't you please somehow convince me, 
               D              G
That Heaven's good enough for you,

Allison Moorer ChordsAllison Moorer Lyrics

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