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Ain't The Way I Wanna Go Out chords - Craig Morgan

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Craig Morgan Sheet music
                AIN'T THE WAY I WANNA GO OUT
Craig Morgan
2005 BBR
2:54 AM 7/16/2005


(A) Ol' Jimmy, a (G) real hard worker, (D/F#) loadin' trucks at the (G) Feed and Seed.
(A) Well-liked, a (G) really nice fella: (D/F#) that's why it's (G) hard to believe.
(A) One day, (G) two counties over, (D/F#) he got caught with an(G)other man's wife.
(A) Shots fired, (G) smoke cleared: (D/F#) her husband took (G) Jimmy's life.
(E1) In an instant, (E2) all the good stuff (E3) he'd ever done (E2) was all gone.
(E1) Now everybody (E2) just remembers (E3) the one thing that (E4) he did wrong.

   (A) You can have it (D) all and in the (A) twinklin' of an (D) eye,
   (A) It can (D) all turn a(E)round. (G)
   (A) If I live here (D) on this earth a(A)nother hundred (D) years,
   (A) Or die 20 (D) seconds from right (E) now,
   That (G) ain't the way that I (NC) wanna (D) go (A) out.

(A) Rob Jenkins, (G) sittin' on the back pew: (D/F#) head bowed an' (G) his eyes closed.
(A) Preacher talkin' 'bout (G) gettin' to Heaven, (D/F#) said: "Brother would you (G) like to go?"
(A) White knuckles (G) holdin' his Hymnal, (D/F#) while the choir sang Am(G)azing Grace.
(A) He stands up, (G) full of conviction: (D/F#) turns 'round an' runs (G) out of that place.
(E1) Hops in his truck, (E2) says to himself: (E3) "Next Sunday, I'm a (E2) gonna get saved."
(E1) Runs a red light, (E2) hit broadside an' (E3) next Sunday is (E4) way too late.

Repeat Chorus

(E1) I'm gonna do right, (E2) an' make sure I (E3) ask forgiveness be(E2)fore I go:
(E1) I'm gonna take time, (E2) 'cause it's a fine line,
(E3) Between here an' "You (E4) never know."

Repeat Chorus

---------If anyone has questions or comments, feel free to leave them. Please try 
to help, before taking my work and resubmitting it as your own. And thanks to chad
for the help!! Thanks!!--------

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