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Half Enough chords - Lorrie Morgan

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                Half Enough
Lorrie Morgan

Capo 1

Intro:  G

I wish there was a big room somewhere
And they kept all the time in there
G                                C
All the time that got away some how
       G                            C           G
And I wish there was a way I could get it back now

Startin’ right at the day
When you looked at me that way
G                                    C
The way you smiled when you said my name
         G                       C      G
I could see my life would never be the same

    C    G       C                   F
And I  knew   nothing I could say or do
        C                                  F  Bm7
Could come close to thankin’ you for your love
    C          G              C          F
And I   could try    for the rest of my life
                      G     C
But that wouldn’t be half enough

Through all the crazy years
I turned around and you were here
Sweeter than my wildest dreams
Well you showed me what true love means


Solo (steel)

Chorus (no chords through first two lines, only drum beat)

And I    could try   for the rest of my life
But that wouldn’t be half enough

Half enough, half enough, wouldn’t be half enough (repeat to fade) 

Lorrie Morgan ChordsLorrie Morgan Lyrics

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