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Between Two Fires chords - Gary Morris

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Between Two Fires
By: Gary Morris

Key of A
Intro:  A, E, D, A, E, D

A     E                 D     A   E       D
We've shared so much together for so long now
A       E             F#m       D  Bm  D        E
I could never turn my back on you and just walk out
A   E       D         A    E              D
How could I leave you when you've been so forgiving
A   E          F#m     D   Bm          D          E
but living without her love don't feel much like living

         A     E   D   E  A               E     D             E
Caught between two fires, one is safe and warm, one is pure desire
       A      E     D       F#m          A        F#m       Bm
As the flames raise higher, either way I turn I'm gonna get burned
         E         A     E, D, A
caught between two fires

A E           D          A         E       D
  Lying close beside you after the love we made
A       E        F#m           D Bm           D      E
Another face flickers in my mind and takes me miles away
A    E                D        A           E        D
I've tried so hard to fight it but I can't fight anymore
A  E           F#m     D   Bm       D      E
My heart is so divided girl in this tug-of-war

        A            E         F#m       Bm
outro: (either way I turn) I'm gonna get burned
         E         A    E D A
caught between two fires


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