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Running Around On Me chords - Cory Morrow

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Cory Morrow Sheet music
Date: 02/26/01

Song:   Running Around On Me
Album:  Cory Morrow Live - Double Exposure
Artist: Cory Morrow
Transcribed by: Matt Evans

Intro:   G  G7  C  D (2X)

Verse 1: G                                        G7
         You got a lotta nerve coming here talkin' trash
         C                    D
         Take your high heels, step on back baby
         G                                 G7
         Don't need no red dress to turn me on
                    C                          D
         I've got a bottle in my right, there's two in the wrong
         G                                  G7
         What I'm hearing is the talk of the town
         C                            D
         They say you're runnin', you're runnin' around on me

Instru:  G  G7  C  D

Bridge:  Em              D            C
         I don't mind you stayin' out late
         Em          D      C
         Darlin' don't hesitate
         Em           D        C       D
         Tell me what you have been up to
         'Cause I know it's untrue now

Chorus:  C      D                G        Em
         People talkin' when the sun goes down
         C          D               G
         You're out kickin' up your heels
         C       D             G               Em
         Tellin' lies you been drinkin' on the town
         C        D                G
         You been runnin' 'round on me

Instru:  G  G7  C  D

Verse 2: G                           G7
         I broke down just the other day
                    C                     D
         I felt the teardrops fallin' as I started to pray
               G                       G7
         I said, "Oh Lord, how have I sinned,
                C                     D
         To deserve this woman who's doin' me in"
         G                              G7
         Got no answers, he showed no relief
         C                           D                 G
         That damn woman she's still running around on me
         G       G7   C    D

Bridge:  Em          D      C
         It's a damn cryin' shame
         Em     D     C
         Woman is to blame
         Em                    D       C             D
         I should have put her in the ground, when I could
         Whoa you know that woman ain't no good now


Instru:  Doubletime (Fast)

Verse 3: G                    Em
         Been ten years she won't let me go
         G                               Em
         Hey don't you know she's got the key
         G                          Em
         I told her I won't be your damn fool baby
         G                    Em
         Don't have to crucify me
         A        C          G
         Well I'm wastin' my life
         A       C          G
         And I'm wastin' my tears
         A         C            G
         Still I'm sittin' here alone
         A     C         D
         While she's out there, runnin' round and drinkin' beer baby

Chorus   (2X)

Outro:   G  G7  C  D

    G   G7  C  D

E - 3   3   X  X
A - 2   2   3  X
D - 0   0   2  0
G - 0   0   0  2
B - 3   0   1  3
e - 3   1   0  2

Cory Morrow ChordsCory Morrow Lyrics

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