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Shes Something To See chords - David Lee Murphy

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(D)She sat on the(G)front porch
and(A)pulled on her boots 
In her(D)favorite old(G)faded blue(A)jeans 
And one(D)tail waggin(G)puppy climbed up(A)into her arms 
and I could(D)tell he felt(G)just like(A)me 
(Em)No matter where she goes 
he's never(G)too far behind 
(Em)When she steps out into that(G)morning(A)light,


(D)She's really(A)something to(G)see,
my(A)dream comes a(D)live 
when I(A)open my(G)eyes  (A)
and I(D)still go(A)weak in the(G)knees
she's too(A)good to be(D)lieve 
And I can(A)tell you that(G)she's 
really(A)something to(D)see

(D)I've seen her in(G)moonlight 
on(A)soft summer(D)nights 
With ten thousand(G)stars in the(A)sky
And in a(D)room full of(G)candles 
like an(A)angel in(D)white 
While the heavens(G)rumbled out(A)side 
(Em)No matter where she goes 
I'm never(G)too far behind
(Em)When she steps out into that(G)morning(A)light,

repeat chorus:

(Bm)It's like that(A)movie you've seen(G)time after(D/F#)time
where you(Em)always find(D/F#)something you've(A)missed
Well I could(Bm)sit here right(A)now 
and just(G)watch her for(D/F#)hours,
Cause I(Em)know, my(D/F#)world, has been(A)blessed,

repeat chorus:

I thought this was an awesome song but it
didn't do well for David Lee, see ya.

David Lee Murphy ChordsDavid Lee Murphy Lyrics

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