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Some Things You Just Know chords - David Nail

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                Some Things You Just Know
Recorded by David Nail

(6/8 time)

Intro.:  | (Bm) (A) | (G)  | (Bm) (A) | (G) 

(Verse 1)
When you (Bm)kiss her as (A)if you had (G)planned it
The (Bm)moment you're (A)no longer (G) friends
There's a (Bm)line you (A)both stumble (G)over
And you (Bm)can't go (A)back a-(G)gain

Inst.:  | (Bm/F#) (A) | (G)

(Verse 2)
When you (Bm)don't feel the (A)need to ex-(G)plain it
Your ex-(Bm)citement out-(A)weighs all your (G) fears
And your (Bm)quick not to (A)take any (G)credit
(Bm)Fate (A)brought us (G) here

And it (G)hits you like the (A)perfect surprise
It's a (G)feelin' that (A)won't be denied
When (Bm)nobody questions (A) if it's the right way to go (G)
Yeah, some (Bm)things (A)you just (G) know

Inst.:  | (Bm) (A) | (G)  | (Bm) (A) | (G)

When the (Bm)new disap-(A)pears with the (G)seasons
And the (Bm)first thought of (A)failure moves (G) in
When you (Bm)no longer (A)search for an (G)answer
You (Bm)reach (A)deep (G) in

Repeat Chorus

Inst.:  | (G)  | (A)  | (G)  | (A)

Repeat Chorus

Some (Bm)things (A)you just (G) know

Outro.:  | (Bm) (A) | (G)  | (Bm) (A) | (G) -----

David Nail ChordsDavid Nail Lyrics

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