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Lighthouse Keeper chords - Neptune's Car

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                Written by Holly Hanson
Performed by Neptune's Car

Holly Hanson: vocals, Rhodes piano
Steve Hayes: background vocals, acoustic guitar, Nashville-tuned guitar, xylophone
Sven Larson: upright bass
Zeke Martin: percussion

(capo 6)

[G/D] [Cadd9] [G/D] [Cadd9]

[G/D] I will [Cadd9] never leave the [G/D] sea
[Cadd9] She's been good to [G/D] me
[D/F#] I've made a life here on this [G/D] ledge
[Cadd9] In a lighthouse on the [D/F#] edge

[G/D] Toss my [Cadd9] net out on a [G/D] wave
[Cadd9] Reel in what Neptune [G/D] gave
[D/F#] Light a fire on the rocks [G/D]
[Cadd9] Gather driftwood for the [D/F#] box

[G/D] I am a lighthouse keeper
[Cadd9] And I live alone
[G/D] I will walk these steps
[Cadd9] And work these hands to the bone
[D/F#] Polishing the [G/D] glass
[D/F#] Polishing the [G/D] glass

[G/D] Keep the [Cadd9] brass bells shining [G/D] bright
[Cadd9] Trim the wicks and oil the [G/D] lights
[D/F#] Warn the tall ships to steer [G/D] clear
[Cadd9] If the storm clouds should [D/F#] appear


[Am7/G] I am rising with the [D/F#] tide
[Am7/G] I am going with the [D/F#] flow
[Cadd9] I am turning like a [D/F#] gear
I could scream but no one would [Cadd9] hear [D/F#] me


[Cadd9] [D/F#] [G/D]

[Thanks to Holly Hanson for tabs]

Neptune's Car ChordsNeptune's Car Lyrics

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Neptune's Car
Buy Neptune's Car CD

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