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Who I Want To Be chords - No Justice

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G D/F# Em C (x2)

Verse 1:
     G 	  	       	    D/F# 	  	     
If I gave you up for gone, quit all this holding on 
        Em 	D  	     C
would I wake up tomorrow feeling better 
        G 	    	        D/F#
What if hopes the only thing keeping me from crumbling
    Em 	      D 	       C
the last thread holdin' the pieces together
  	 G 	       D/F#
And it's hard to tell the one that i'll regret
Em 	       D       C
just letting you know that I'm not giving up yet

 	G 	     D/F#
I want to run out to the edge of town 
Em 	  	  C
scream your name for hours out loud 
G 	      D/F# 	   Em 	    C
Turn this world upside down to find you 
 	G 	     D/F#
I want to build myself a time machine
  Em     C     	     G         D
go back and change everything to see you here with me 
Em 	         	  	    C     D 	  	  	 
That's was the closest I'd ever been to who I'd wanna be

G Em C

Verse 2:
        G 	  	      D/F#
Such an ordinary day, you know the one you went away
     Em        D/F# 	       C
I've relived each minute a million times
    G 	  	  	        D/F# 
And all the things I almost did then didn't do instead
     Em 	    D/F#        C
keep running around in circles in my mind
     G        D/F#
This heavy heart just won't let me rest
     Em 	D/F# 	      C
till I've convinced myself that I tried my best

(Chorus)... G

Em 	   D/F#         C
And I wonder where could you be 
Em 	    D/F# 	       C
I wonder why, did you leave without me.... 

G   D/F#  Em   C who i'd wanna be
G   D/F#  Em   C who i'd wanna be

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