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Cowboy's Don't Cry chords by Daron Norwood

Daron Norwood Chords

Cowboys Don't Cry
By Daron Norwood
Intro: C  D  G  
   G                     Em               C              
Why is that ole jukebox keep playing 
       D                 G
that sad country song
All night long
D    G               Em         C
So pour me a lonestar tonight 
           D                           C            D         C  G/B  Am
I'll be drinking alone, all  alone________
                                 C      Am
She said we'd never part
She never broke my heart ___
                      G                   C
c. And there ain't a cow in Texas 
               G                         C
   And weaties ain't for breakfast 
      G                                              D    
   Late at night she never cross my mind
              G                      C
   There ain't no rose of San Anton
     G                        C
   And I can make it on my own
     G                                      D
   These can't be tears in my eyes
    Am            D              G
   Cause cowboys don't cry
G                      Em                   C            
Why is that ole jukebox keep playing 
        D                G
that sad country song
As I drive along
D   G                     Em                  
I guess about now she knows that 
C                 D
she was the one
                 G             C          D           
Who was wrong, all along _______

C G/B  Am

Am                              C
Bet she's missing me tonight
Am                                         D
Bet she'd like to make things right____

repeat chorus:

Daron Norwood ChordsDaron Norwood Lyrics

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