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Other Shoe chords - Old 97s

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                		C                 F
One old brown shoe falls in slow motion
     Am		      F               G
And bedsprings hover right above your head
	      C             F
As bedsprings do when your beneath them
Am                 F                G
Someone else just climbed into your bed
       F                                      C      C7
By the time she tought you'd probably got to Phoenix
F 				    G         G7
She'd arranged for your shoes to be filled
Am               Em           Dm          F
You've got your pride, and a blue steel .45
          Dm             F             C    C7
And your waitin for the other shoe to fall
          Dm                F             C
Yeah your waitin for , the other shoe to fall

Verse 2

You dig a double grave out in the meadow
And you curse the rain that turns the dirt to mud
You take 35 south towards Laredo

And you try to find a doctor

That'll prescribe an elixor

That'll make everything better

Except your late wife and her lover


By the time she thought you'd probably got to Phoenix
She'd sealed her fate and gotten herself killed
You've got your pride, and a blue steel .45
And your waiting for the other shoe to fall
Yeah your waiting for the other shoe to fall

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