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What You Gonna Do chords - Joan Osborne

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||:     Gm      Bb    Cm*    F   Bb     Gm   :|| x 2
          mmm  mmm    mmm...


Gm    Bb              Cm   F Bb Gm
      what you gonna do...
Gm Bb Cm F Bb
Eb Dm Am Gm +


Gm                     Gm Gm / Bb Gm Gm Bb Cm
  you used to bury me...
Cm Gm F F/Gm

Gm                     Gm Gm/Bb Gm Gm Bb Cm
but i've been watching...
Cm Gm F/ Gm

Gm          Gm Gm/Bb Gm Gm Gm Gm Bb/Cm
take the voices...

                   Gm F F/Gm
I've got the key...

Gm     Gm/Bb Gm   Gm Gm
I-I  learned to...
Gm Bb/Cm Gm


Gm   Bb            Cm  F Bb Gm
    what you gonna do...
Gm Bb Cm F Bb Eb Dm
Am Gm+

Gm              Gm/Bb Gm   Gm Bb/Cm Gm
you've been stealing all...



[repeat intro]


     Gm            Bb    Cm
I am riding on the bus...
F Gm
Gm Bb Cm
F Gm


x is strum, but mute the strings at the neck
h is a hammer on
p is a pull off
/ is a SLIDE UP throughout this tab- there no chords with non-root notes
in the bass, so "Gm/Bb" is Gm at the 3rd fret, then slide up to Bb at the
6th and NOT Gm with Bb in the bass, same goes for Bb/Cm and F/Gm


 E  A  D  G  B  e
 3  5  5  3  3  3 - Gm
 6  8  8  7  6  6 - Bb  (this fingering mostly)
 x  1  3  3  3  1 - Bb  (in the intro)
 8 10 10  9  8  8 - Cm
 1  3  3  2  1  1 - F
11 13 13 12 11 11 - Eb
 5  7  7  5  5  5 - Am

I've tabbed most of this song out, but it'll be ages before I get to key
it all in. Here's a couple of the main picked parts(* and + in the
chorus), if you want the full monty in tab then send me a mail.

     Cm       *
e ----------------------------------------
B ------------8---------------------------
G ------------------8----------8----------
D ---10----------------10-----------10----
A ---10-------------------------------10--
E ---8------------------------------------
     ^        ^        ^        ^
     1        2        3        4

    Am                Gm    +
e -----------------------------------------
B -----------------------------------------
G ------------------------------3----------
D ---7-----------------5----3h5---5p3------
A ---7-----------------5-------------------
E ---5-------/6--------3-------------------
     ^        ^        ^        ^
     1        2        3        4
     whoa --  ho --   ho  --   hoaw

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Osborne Joan
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