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Eat, Sleep, Don't Drink chords - Jake Owen

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                Intro: G D C

I dont want to take a walk, dont want to take a drive,
C 	  	  	  	  	       G
Dont want to skip rocks on the riverside, oh no, just want to stay right here
i dont want to go flying on a jet airplane, 
C 	  	  	  	  	      G
dont need to live my life in the fast lane,    Just wanna lay right here
Em 	  	                 D 	  	  	 C
Cause it only takes three things to keep me breathing,
Em                 D 	  	 C
And you got everything im needin

(all i wanna do)
G 	  	  	  	    D 	 
is eat, drink, dont sleep, with a whole lotta you know what in between,
we'll pull the plug so the phone wont ring,
livin on love and what the pizza man brings,
G 	  	  	         D
lets check out and go MIA, We'll take a roll in the hay for days
Em              D                   C
me lovin on you lovin up on me, 
eat, drink and dont sleep

leave your pretty little dress on the back of the door,
we'll let the mornin papers pile up on the floor,
i got a bottle of wine on the side of the bed
and your sweet honey gonna keep me fed

Yeah it only takes three things to keep me breathing
Baby you got everything im needin


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