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Blue Rose chords - Tillis Pam

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                Blue Rose Is - Pam Tillis

         F - C - F - C
         Her lips and her dress
                      F    C
         They're both ruby red
         She thinks that's how you hide
             F        C          G
         The pain you feel inside
         And she comes out every night
                        F    C
         To soak-up the neon light
         Her perfume fills the air
         F      C             G
         People stop and stare

         C                                                  G
         But Blue Rose is looking for the moon in someone's eyes
         Blue Rose is willing to believe in someone's lies
                                      C7                F
         Blue Rose's pedals have been crushed along the way
            G                                    C    F - C - F - C
         Oh Blue Rose is just growing bluer everyday

         One moe drink, one more dance
                          F    C
         You might be her only chance
         She needs someone to hold
                  F        C       G
         When the night is growing old
         And if you don't mind the thorns
                                F        C
         She'll take you in and keep you warm
         Lyin' in the dark
              F      C      G
         In a bed of broken hearts

         (Repeat CHORUS, Tag and End)

Tillis Pam ChordsTillis Pam Lyrics

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