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I'm Missing You chords - Kyle Park

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                I'm Missing You
Recorded by Kyle Park

(Capo on 3)

Intro.:  | (C) | (C) | (G) | (G) |  x 2

(Verse 1)
You're (C)still the brightest star that lights up my midnight (G)sky
Every time I (C)think about you I laugh right after I (G) cry
You're (C)everywhere I turn and your every girl I see walkin' (G)by
And (C)everyone says I'll get over you, it just takes (D) time
I've (Em)done everything to (F)try and let go
I've (C)done all that I can (D)do

I'm (G)missing you, I miss your (D)every move without (C)you around
I feel my (D)world coming down
I'm (G)missing you, I'm thinking (D)all I can do is keep (C)movin' on
And maybe (D)you'll see you're wrong
For (Em)leavin' me and did you (G)know that every (D)night when I (Em)fall asleep
Every (G)one of my (D)dreams involve (C)kissin' you
And (Em)everyday (D)I'm awake, I'm (C) missin' you

(Verse 2)
I (C)talk on the street and I can barely speak my (G)name
Just (C)one thought about you and I forget what I have to (G)say
I (C)reach for the phone, b, but I know I'm only an old (G)flame
It would be (C) a tough call, but after all I'm the one who's to (D)blame
No-(Em)thing I've tried can get you (F)out of my mind
Theres (C)nothing that I can (D)do

Repeat Chorus

Inst.:  | (C)  | (Em)  | (D)

I'm (G)missin' you, I miss your (D/F#)every move
I'm not (C)strong enough to let go (D)of your love
But (G)girl it's true that (D)somehow I keep holdin' (C)on
Even (D)though you're long gone

Repeat Chorus

Outro.:  | (C)  | (C)  | (C) -----

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