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In Between chords - Millsap Parker

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Millsap Parker Sheet music
F/C Bb6 Bb F Bb6 Bb Bbm F Dm7 Gm Gm6
F                                   Bb6         Bb
After you're through laughing but before you start to cry
F                                     Bb6          Bb
Felt like it weren't lasting so you gave it one last try
      Bb           Bbm                     F             Dm7
And now the worst has happened, but you haven't said goodbye
         Gm Gm6            F   Bb6  Bb
Ain't it mean, the in-between?
F                                 Bb6           Bb
Once the day is done for but before the sun goes out
F                           Bb6   Bb
After you were unsure but before you have your doubts
Bb                Bbm         F               Dm7
Venom fills your tongue but just before your lungs can shout
          Gm Gm6               F  Bb6  Bb
You come clean in the in between
Bb/C                               F
Just below the rubber but just above the ground
Bb/C                                F
Ain't it just like water to take you where you're bound
Bb/C                                F
Once you've lost your traction before the crashing sound
Bb/C                   F    Bb6  Bb
Of machines you're in between
Bb/C                          F
Once the summer's over before the leaves have changed
Bb/C                     F
Got rid of the sofa but you haven't rearranged
Bb/C                               F
Once you're clean and sober the normal feels so strange
Bb/C                   F    Bb6  Bb
It's obscene the in between
F                            Bb6  Bb
After the conception but before the veil is torn
F                             Bb6  Bb
After disconnection but before you leave this form
Bb            Bbm         F                    Dm7
After last inspection but before you've been reborn
Gm     Gm6              F/C
It's serene the in between

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