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Teardrops On Tap chords - Thom Parrott

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words & music by Thom Parrott
Copyright (c) 1988 by Thom Parrott
Recorded by Randy Rhodes for Blue Ridge Records
Recorded by Thom Parrott on Mother Love CD "Everything Is Fine"

(up tempo country shuffle)

(A)One draft, bartender, for the day that we (B)met.
The look in her (E)eyes, I will never for(A)get.
Turn the jukebox up loud. Play Jones and Wy(B)nette,
Cause new broken (E)hearts get the same old re(A)grets.
I thought when we (D)married, we'd never (A)part.
Now I'm a(B)lone with a new broken (E)heart.
Pull back on the (A)handle. Fill up my (B)glass.
I'll drink to my (E)memories with these TEARDROPS ON (A)TAP. 

(F#--key change up full step)

Draw another, bar(B)tender. Here's to dangerous (C#)games...
That both of us (F#)played, so we both share the (B)blame.
I know that she's drinking, tho she's not drinking (C#)here,
But wherever she (F#)is, she's got a glass full of (B)tears.
TEARDROPS ON (E)TAP don't help me for(B)get,
But it hasn't been (C#)so long that I want to, just (F#)yet.
Pull back on the (B)handle. Fill up my (C#)glass.
I'll drink to my (F#)memories with these TEARDROPS ON (B)TAP.
I'm gonna drink to my (F#)memories with these TEARDROPS ON (B)TAP.

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  1. Parrott Thom - Teardrops On Tap Chords

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