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1000 Dollar Wedding chords - Gram Parsons

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Gram Parsons Sheet music
transcribed by jdier
(this transcription raises the song 1/2 step and also notes the alternative roots)

It was a (D)$1000 (A)wedding supposed to be (B-)held the other (D)day and
With (G)all the invi(E)tations sent The (D)young bride went a(A)way
When the (D)groom saw people (A)passing notes
Not un(B-)usual(D/A), he might(G) say (E)

But (D)where are the flowers (G)for my baby
(D)I'd even like to see her (G)mean old mama
And (D)why ain't (A/C#)there a (B-)funeral,(D/A) 
if you're (G)gonna act that (D)way(G)


(A)I hate to tell you how he acted (E)when the news ar(A)rived        
(A)He took some friends out drinking and(E)it's lucky they sur(G)vived
Well, he (D)told them every(A)thing there was to
(B-)tell there a(D/A)long the (G)way (E)

And he (D)felt so bad when he (G)saw the traces
of (D)old lies still (G)on their faces
(D)So why don't (A/C#)someone here just (B-)spike his (D/A)drink
Why don't you (G)do him in some old (D)way (C)(G)
Supposed to be a (D)funeral (C)(G)
It's been a bad, bad (D)day (C)(G)


(A)The Reverend Dr. William Grace Was (E)talking to the (A)crowd
(A)All about the sweet child's holy face and The (E)saints who sung out (G)loud
And he (D)swore the fiercest (A)beasts 
could all be put to (B-)sleep the (D/A)same silly (G)way (E)

And (D)where are the flowers (G)for the girl
(D)She only knew she (G)loved the world

(D)And why ain't (A/C#)there one (B-)lonely (D/A)horn 
and (G)one sad note to (D)play (C)(G)
Supposed to be a (D)funeral (C)(G)
It's been a bad, bad (D)day (C)(G)
Supposed to be a (D)funeral (C)(G)
It's been a bad, bad (D)day (C)(G)

[Thanks to Jim Dier for corrections]

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