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Colorado Kool-Aid chords - Johnny Paycheck

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I was sittin' in this beer joint down in Houston Texas 
Been drinkin' some Colorado Kool Aid and talking' to some Mexicans 
And we was - uh, what's that y'say 
What's Colorado Kool Aid 
Well it's a can of Coors brewed from a mountain stream 
It'll set yer head on fire and make your kidneys scream 
Ohhh It sure is fine 
Yeah we was havin' one of them real good times 
But you know every beer joint you ever been in 
Some big mean drunk, who just ain't got no friends 
Sure enough wants to fight, yeah, 
He's gonna whip everything in sight 
Well sir, he took a big old swallow of beer   
And walked on over and spit in my Mexican friends ear 
Well sure enough, that made my buddy real mad 
Cause that's like somethin' he ain't never had 
Well sir, he pulled out a big, long switchblade knife 
Quick as a whistle, he began to slice 
That big mean drunk stood back, his face full of tears 
Lookin' down at the floor at one of his ears 
Hmph- he cut that thang off even with the side burns 
Now you might say that one little Mexican fellow 
He just didn't give a damn 
But he was a gentleman about it, he bent over with a halfway grin 
Picked it up and handed it back to him 
Now Big Man, you get the urge to spit a little beer 
Just open up your hand and spit it in your own ear 
Won't be no trouble that way, that's what I heard him say 
And I said barmaid, bring us another round of them Colorado Kool Aids 
And while your up there bring this fellow a box of band aids 
Now let me tell you, if your ever drivin' down in South Texas 
And you decide to stop and drink some of that Colorado Kool Aid 
Even maybe talk to some Mexicans, and you get the urge to get a little tough 
Better make damn sure you got your knife-proof earmuffs 
Ain't that right big man, I said ain't that right big man 
Ah, hell he can't hear, not on this side anyway, he ain't got no ear 
Hey barmaid, bring us a big glass of that Colorado Kool Aid 
How bout it, how ya doin' big man, still got yer ear there in your hand

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