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Ozona chords - Pear Ratz

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                The Pear Ratz - Ozona
Standard Tuning

Intro:  G  D  Am  C/B   C   G   D  G

G      D                                 Am     C/B   C  
A cold October wind rolls through the desert
G   D                   Am   C/B   C
The sky's beggin' to rain
G              D               Am    C/B   C
the dust rises up from a dirt road
G          D                Am   C/B  C  C/B
and rolls off of my window pane

Am              C/B   C                   G
I can't believe      10 hours ago I woke up
With you in my arms
Am             C/B  C
I can't believe     4 days from now
I'll be home
you'll be gone

Oh how can I go on

When I woke up in Ozona
well it all felt so surreal
C/B 	      Am
all I could think about

Is the way I left
C/B          C               D
Not letting you know how I feel
Wish I'da woke you up to say goodbye
       Bm                         Em
But I didn't know what that'd be worth
            C    C/b  Am      G      C           D                  G    
till I found Thursday morning in Del Rio, is the loneliest place on Earth

D Am  C/B  C

Verse 2:
G         D               Am      C/B   C 
After a 3 night stand in Austin
G      D              Am   C/B  C
I was bound for Santa Fe
G           D               Am      C/B   C
but when I pulled in to Terlingua
             G            D                      Am    C/B   C   C/B          
I heard the spirits call that must have made me stay

Am                    C/B C
I got a a funny feeling later at Ms Tracy's 
G                           D
around the end of my third beer
Am                      C/B  C
I coulda swore I smelled your hair out on the breeze
               G                   D
when I turned around to an empty chair

I don't know why I thought you'd be there

Chorus Repeat

G D Am C/B  C

G D Am

G D Am C/B  C

G D Am

G D Am C/B  C

G D Am C/B  C 

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Pear Ratz
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