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Drink Swear Steal And Lie chords - Michael Peterson

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                Album: Michael Peterson
Written by: Michael Peterson & Paula Carpenter
Note:  Special thanks to Lluis Sala  ;-]

Drink, Swear, Steal & Lie     Michael Peterson
      Record is in Bb   Capo 2nd fret to use these chords 
      OPEN = remove your hand and strum the open strings

Intro Riff (play twice) Listen to the record for timing.


I was 12 when daddy said to me
Don't take to drinking boy that road don't lead no where   
And don't you ever let me hear you swear 
                A OPEN  Ab  A          
Don't you dare
He told me that stealing's a lazy man's way

Something for nothing leaves you hell to pay so don't buy into it 
and then you can look the whole world in the eye

Honey I've tried.
      E             F#m                       Bm    E
But Since I met you girl I've been breaking every rule
Bm       F#m               D             E
I must confess I'm just a back sliding fool
            A                E
I want to drink from your loving cup
 A                D
Swear I'll never give you up
 F#m            Bm         E
Steal all your kisses underneath the moon
         A         E            A              F#m
I wanna lie here close to you look at what you made me do
  D                        A
Darling you're the reason why
    E                      A
I drink, swear, steal and lie

Intro riff once
Last night I threw away the 12 step book
I finally faced the fact that I am hooked on you
                                 A                A OPEN Ab A
There's nothing more that I can do  Ain't no use
"Cause every time I see your angel face
My halo disappears without a trace  I swear
Girl I'd admit I haven't got a prayer

But I don't care
   E                F#m         Bm    E
I know this ain't exactly how I was raised
Bm                  F#m            D          E
But heaven help me honey I ain't changing my ways

                   E                       A           
 chorus, chorus, drink, swear, steal, and lie  Intro riff to end

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