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Someone Somewhere Tonight chords - Kellie Pickler

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                (No Capo)

Intro.:  (D)

(D)Someone somewhere tonight is taking their (A)first steps
Letting go of the (G)hands that held them and trusting them-(A)selves

While (D)someone somewhere tonight is hearing their (A)last rites
And hoping with (G)all their might that there's something (A)else

Well, (Em)babe, lie down (A)here beside me, (D) let's lie real (Bm) still (A)
(G) And tell me you (A)love me (G) and you always will

(D)Someone somewhere tonight is tasting their (A)first kiss
Whispering softly (G)this wish for the night to go (A) on

While (D)someone somewhere tonight is holding onto a (A)bottle
Pouring one more and praying that (G)God will get them through till the (A)dawn

Well, (Em)babe, lie down (A)here beside me, (D) let's lie real (Bm) still (A)
(G) And tell me you (A)love me (G) and you always will

Inst.:  |(D) |(A) |(Em) |(G) --- |

(D)Someone somewhere tonight is stuck in a (A)prison
They're breathing, they're just barley (G)living behind walls of their (A)own

Well, (D)someone somewhere tonight just found their own (A) wings
Found some beauty, found some truth, (G)found some meaning in spite (A) of it all

Well, (Em)babe, lie down (A)here beside me, (D) let's (D/C#)lie real (Bm) still (A)
(G) And tell me you (A)love me (G) and you always will ----

Kellie Pickler ChordsKellie Pickler Lyrics

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