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Keep This Love chords - Pinmonkey

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                "Keep This Love" 
Words and Music by Joy Lynn White and Douglas Millett 
As performed by Pinmonkey

Capo 4
(G) All the leaves are turning (C) colors
(G) You’re a leaf that’s turning (C) too
(G) We go in opposite (C) directions 
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah (G) yeah
For the lack of (C) true affection (G)

(C) I’d like to let you (F) go
But my heart can’t say (C) goodbye
Sometimes I just don’t (F) know
Why we keep this love (C) alive
Why do we keep this love (F) alive
When we barely even (C) try
Give me one good reason (F) why
(To keep this (C) love) (sing on 1st & last chorus only)

Oh we use to be together
Now we’re just so far apart
Was it all just a dream 
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Cause baby now that’s how it seems


(F) The seasons of love keep (G) changing
(Am) I guess we’ve changed (C) too, oh yeah
(F) But I never stopped loving (G) you, whoa



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