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Family Feud chords - Pistol Annies

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                No Capo

Fine china stacked by the kitchen sink
Aunt Tammies in there claiming all the diamond rings
Uncle Bobs holding up the TV set
The only thing they are grieving over
G                        D
Is what they ain't gonna get
G                                      D
She's only been in the ground a day or two
G                                              D
I'm glad Mama ain't around to watch this family feud

Great gran daddy's shotgun started it all
She wasn't even cold
Before they ripped it off the wall
Wondas fighting Angie over antique quilts
G                                        D
Nobody even waited for the reading of the will
G                                        D
If Daddy was here he'd beat us black and blue
G                                              D
I'm glad mama aint around to watch this family feud

I'm watching it all go down in shame
Wish the whole house would go up in flames
Who gives a damn about a cedar chest
G                             D
When we just laid her soul to rest
G                                     D
She's only been in the ground a day or two
G                                              D
I'm glad Mama ain't around to watch this family feud

She's probably rolling over in her grave
                      G                           D
'Cause the good lord giveth and the family taketh away

Pistol Annies ChordsPistol Annies Lyrics

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Pistol Annies
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