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7 Years With Wrong Woman chords - Ramblers Prairie

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Recorded by The Prairie Ramblers
Written by Bob Miller

[F] Seven Years With The [Bb] Wrong Wo-[F] man
Is more than a man [C] can stand
Seven Years With The Wrong Woman
Will wreck most any good [F] man
Seven Years With The [Bb] wrong Wo-[F] man
It's the same in the moun-[F7] tain or [Bb] dale
She'll stay awake all night - tryin' [F] to start a fight
Then [C] have you thrown into [F] jail.

Seven Years With The Wrong Woman
Is punishment that is bad
Seven Years With The Wrong Woman
Will drive most any man mad
When you've married the wrong woman
There is only one thing you can do
Just dig you a hole - then crawl in that hole
and pull the hole in after you.

Seven Years With The Wrong Woman
Put me in this dirty jail
And she got all my money
And laughs 'cause I can't get bail
In the final day of judgement
When Gabriel starts in to blow
If I see her face - in that heavenly place
I'll ask to be sent down below.

Listen boys if you're thinkin' of marriage
Take warning to what I tell
Don't marry the wrong woman
It's worse than livin' in hell.
Seven Years With The Wrong Woman
It'll age you and turn your hair gray
They say love is blind - but search 'til you find
A face you can stand every day.

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  1. Prairie Ramblers - 7 Years With Wrong Woman Chords

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