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Message Of Love chords - The Pretenders

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                [A] [G] [A] [G]

[A] Now the reason we're [G] here
[A] As man [G] and woman
[A] Is to love each [G] other
[A] Take care of each [G] other
[A] When love walks in the [G] room
[A] Everybody [G] stand up
[A] Oh it's good, [G] good, good
[A] Like [G] Brigitte Bardot

[A] Now look at the [G] people
[A] In the streets, in the [G] bars
[A] We are all [G] of us in the gutter
[A] But [G] some of us are looking at the [A] stars [G] [A]
[A] Look round the [G] room
[A] Life is un[G]kind
[A] We fall but we [G] keep gettin' up
[A] Over and over and [G] over and over and over and over [A]

[C] [Gm7] repeat 9 times

Me and you, [Gm7] [C] every night, every [Gm7] day
[Gm7]We'll be together [C] always this [Gm7] way
[C]Your eyes are [Gm7] blue [C] like the heavens above
[Gm7] [C] Talk [Gm7] to me darlin' [C] with A [Bb] message [A] of [C] love

[C#] [D] [Cmaj7] [D] [Cmaj7] [D] [Cmaj7] [D] [Cmaj7]

[A] Now the reason we're [G] here
[A] Every man, every [G] woman
[A] Is to help [G] each other
[A] Stand by each [G] other
[A] When love walks in the [G] room
[A] Everybody [G] stand up
[A] Oh it's good, [G] good good
[A] Say I love you, I love you, I [G] love you, I love you, I [A] love you, I love you

[F] [C7] [F] repeat 4 times

[F] Talk [C7] to me darlin'

The Pretenders ChordsThe Pretenders Lyrics

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Buy Pretenders CD

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