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Big Wheel chords - Aaron Pritchett

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                Capo 1st fret

Verse 1:
 [D]               [G]
Three feet tall, five years old
 [D]                       [G]
Staring to the bottom of mountaintop road
 [D]                  [G]                    [D]             [G]
Hands wrapped tight around those plastic handle grips
 [D]                 [G]
I took off flying, picking up speed
 [D]                      [G]
The world was a blur of rocks and weeds
 [D]                           [G]
It was all worth the pain of landing
[D]                [G]
Getting my first three stitches

 [D]       [A]           [G]
Everyone said that I shouldn't do it
 [D]      [A]            [G]
Cut and bruised, but I got through it
 [Bm]                [A]        [G]
I've still got the scars to prove it.

 [D]                       [G]
Life's like a big wheel, keeps on turning
 [A]                   [D]       [G]           [D]
Time runs away every day I'm learning to roll with the punches
Follow my hunches
 [D]         [A]      [G]
Loving the way it feels
 [D]      [A]   [G]
Just to be alive
 [Bm]          [A]        [G]                        [D] [G] [D] [G]
Getting the chance to ride on the big wheel

Verse 2:
 [D]                     [G]
I've taken my share of dead end curves
 [D]                          [G]
Had to steady my nerves and steal my courage
Had a lot of hard landings
 [G]                  [D]           [G]
But I ain't hanging up my wings
 [D]                   [G]
Ya I'm still ripping down that hill
 [D]                    [G]
Still hangin' on with all my will
 [D]                 [G]              [D]               [G]
Looking back now I still wouldn't change a thing

 [D]             [A]      [G]
I've had a few lovers leave their mark
 [D]             [A]              [G]
I've broken my pride and I've broken my heart
 [Bm]           [A]        [G]
But I'm gonna live the life before it all goes dark

 - Repeat Chorus -

 [D]      [A]  [G]
Just to be alive
 [Bm]         [A]         [G]
Getting the chance to ride
On the big wheel
 [D]                [A]
On the big wheel
On the big wheel

(ad lib to end)

Aaron Pritchett ChordsAaron Pritchett Lyrics

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