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Maria chords - Phil Pritchett

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Phil Pritchett
Transcribed by : Matt Brewer
Album: Phil Comes alive
Written by Phil Pritchett

Capo on 4th fret

Intro: Am E Am E

Am                        E
I'm and ex-patriot cut a drift
                  Am                          E
I caught a good glimpse of her smile and her mid-riff
   Am                      E        Am                  E
I got me a bottle full of sol and now I got me a mind full of sangria
Am                 E
I dint go there lookin' for trouble
     Am                       E
I singled her out earlier and now Im seeing double
         Am             E        Am                        E
And the bartender told me, that both of their names were Maria.
       C                 G               C                G
The casted nets in her hands, clickity clack my own understanding
C            G                                 C   G
Of what it means to have some rythem in your soul
             C                           G                 C
Yea with a stomp and a shuffle from her feet, she made me lose a little
            G                    C                      G
bit of the pace in the heartbeat.  Its never been more fun to lose

Play intro
                     Am                          E
The first whirling skirt shows a little bit of thigh, the glass in my
Am                     E       Am                   E         Am
hand won't stop runnin dry, and all those flamingo guitars, keep rattlin
               E              Am             E               Am
all of those bones in my ear.  I guess its just to late cause she can
                               E         Am                 E
already see that Im from the states. I guess we all have a tendendency
    Am                        E                C                 G
to get a little loud when we get over here.  Im sorry about the insult
     C                         G                   C                G
but please I dont need another bar bouncer catapalt.  I can find my own
            C          G           C                          G
way to the door tonight.  Now Im finding it a little hard to walk, and
               C            G                   C
thats why it makes me ill every time I try to talk.  Look what your
G            C          G
dancer did to me tonite.

Am         C                 G               D
Maria dont go, what are you doin after the show?
Am              C             G          D
These are the words Ill never get to say.
Am       C                  G               D
Maria I know that I could be someone youd like to know.
Am             C                    G                 D
But Im in no condition to make any first impressions today.

play intro

Next morning night in my motel bed, the rythem of the stomps and the claps 
still ringin in my head. I began more than a little issue, regret some of my 
excess. Ill have to find another way the very next time im gonna try to make 
em play for a beautiful spanish dancer and to hope to have any kind of 
Was it the wine or the reddish of her lips, that made me lose all of the 
feelin in my finger tips? I guess I never will find out.
Was it the wind from the swish in her skirt that blew my mind and swept me 
up like a feather weight flirt?  I guess i never will find out.


3rd verse

The next morning came with a ring from the phona I was already late for the 
bus to Barcelona.  I jumped out of bed and ran down the hall with my 
suitcase in my hand.
Took the stairs it was just one flight, made my way towards the door and the 
too bright sunlight.
How I was still able to move? I dont think Ill understand.
But Just as i step outside something inside caught my eye.  It was the 
beautiful dancer from the night before.
She was just sittin in a hokalota chair, readin magazines and playin with a 
strand of her hair.
I wanted to speak but i went out the door. No!


Listen to the song if you wanna figure out the jam part.  Its all the same 

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