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Early Morning Riser chords - Pure Prairie League

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Pure Prairie League Sheet music
Early Morning Riser  -  Pure Prairie League

Intro (pick G note on low E string, then strum rest of G9 chord)
Gnote-G9   (hammer)Cadd9  (2 times)

Verse 1
G             D
Early morning riser.
      C                   G                D        C    C* - G 
I can still feel all your sunlight shine before the dawn. 
                              D                     C
First light morning feelings… got me losing so much sleep.
             G              D                   G 
I just can't say how much I miss you when you're gone.
Chorus 1  (s)=single strum
        C(s)                           G         
Cause I get a feeling something like a summer wind. 
G/F#    Em(s)                             C(s) G
When you love me like a sister, then you're gone again.
But there's so much light shining in your eyes,
         Cadd9(s)                               G9 
that you just can't help but keep a love alive. 

Verse 2
Now I hear some other… loving sunshine brothers'
left you crying and you're all alone. 
So dry your eyes and try and say your goodbyes. 
Cause you're old enough to get back on your feet all on your own.

Chorus 2
Don't you kind of get a feeling like a summer wind.
Cause he loved you like a brother, now he's gone again.
But there's still a lot of love light in your eyes,
and you sure know how to keep a man alive. 

G9-G-G9-G-G9    Am-Am7-Am-Am7-Am    Am-Am7-Am-Am7-Am    G9-G-G9-G-G9  (2 times)

Bridge  (s)=single strum
             C(s)                  G(s)    D(s)      Em
Well you can stand right there and tell me somethings wrong.
        C(s)              G(s)     D(s)       G9 
It's so hard to know your problems when you're gone.
Verse 3
So… early morning riser.
There's not much more I can do to try and make things right. 
If you need another… sunshine brother, 
I can be right there beside you by the early morning light.
Chorus 3
And I'll forget that feeling like a summer wind. 
And I'll probably start to think about you now and then.
But there's still a lot of light shining in your eyes,
and you still know how to keep a love alive. 

Outro w/ Solo
repeat Instrumental (to fade)

Chord Chart
   Am   Am7    C   C*   Cadd9  D   Em   G   G/F#  G9  

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